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All students in the Honors College must complete the Global Experience and Understanding requirement through an approved research activity, service learning assignment, or field experience. The semester-long commitment fosters understanding of global and cultural issues. In the spirit of the interdisciplinary approach of the Honors College, research, service, and minor degree program activities will be considered. These activities must be approved by the Honors College.

Global learning is a critical analysis of and an engagement with complex, interdependent global systems and legacies (such as natural, physical, social, cultural, economic, and political) and their implications for people’s lives and the earth’s sustainability. Through global learning, students should 1) become informed, open-minded, and responsible people who are attentive to diversity across the spectrum of differences, 2) seek to understand how their actions affect both local and global communities, and 3) address the world’s most pressing and enduring issues collaboratively and equitably. (AACU, 2015)

To provide guidance for the Global Experience projects or activities, students should review and reference the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Seven Revolutions Program. The CSIS program is a research effort to identify and analyze important trends shaping our world.  Any project or activity used to satisfy the Global Experience requirement should connect to one of these themes.  For additional information on the 7R program:

The Global Experience projects and activities should also connect to global learning outcomes established by the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U). The AAC&U VALUE Rubrics were developed by teams of experts to provide fundamental criteria for learning outcomes. The Global Learning rubric (available in the Honors College) is useful in determining the merit and criteria for a useful global experience activity or project.  For additional information on AAC&U’s Global Learning projects: 

Please complete the Global Experience Contract in the Honors Portal the semester before you expect to complete your Global Experience assignment. Any incomplete forms will not be accepted. You will receive a confirmation that your form has been successfully accepted. Students are also expected to attend a workshop on the Global Experience requirement once the assignment is approved. 

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