B.S.Ed. in Middle Grades Education

B.S.Ed. in Middle Grades Education Program Flyer

Middle grades teachers educate children in the 4th through 8th grade, giving them a solid foundation to continue their studies in high school, instilling them with a love of learning, and helping them gain confidence as they grow into teenagers and young adults.

 The Middle Grades Education (MGED) program at Valdosta State University provides experiences that allow pre-service teachers to develop the content knowledge and teaching skills necessary for meeting the diverse needs of their future students. Emphasis is placed on student-centered and reflective approaches for teaching and learning, communicating effectively, integrating technology into teaching, and fostering positive relationships within the larger community.

Middle grades education majors pursuing a bachelor’s degree are required to specialize in two subject areas, creating a more versatile, well-rounded educator.  Students choose two concentrations from the areas of language arts, mathematics, science, reading, or social studies and engage in an extensive amount of hands-on teaching.

The mission of the Middle Grades Education (MGE) faculty is to prepare and support educators to model the highest standards of professionalism in their field.  It is the College of Education and Human Services’ policy to find student teacher placement throughout Valdosta and the surrounding areas for all of the students.  These placements are ideal tools for student exposure and networking within the field; such opportunities often lead to job placement. 

Middle Grades Education Program Highlights

  • Participate in a clinically-based model of teacher education
  • Engage in methods courses taught on-site at local middle schools
  • Work in classrooms with middle school students while receiving immediate feedback from professors
  • Assist with multiple aspects of school processes
  • Analyze authentic school data with professors and middle school teachers
  • Includes more than 900 hours of field experience in public schools grades 4-8 in diverse settings
  • Use of and access to instructional technology
  • Accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Recognized by the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE)

Program of Study (120 credit hours)

Core Curriculum Areas A-E and Physical Ed. & Health Requirement (48 hours)

Core Curriculum Area F (18 hours)

EDUC 2999: Entry to the Education Profession

EDUC 2110:  Written and Verbal Communication for Educators

EDUC 2120:  Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Diversity

EDUC 2130:  Exploring Learning and Teaching

SPEC 2000:   Serving Students with Diverse Needs

Concentration Area 1 (3 hours of coursework; included below in concentration courses)

Concentration Area 2 (3 hours of coursework; included below in concentration courses)


Schedule of Course Offerings

Professional Courses 11 hours

Senior Block 13 hours

Student Teaching 12 hours

MGED 3020:  Introduction to Standards, Planning and Assessment

MGED 3220:  Reading and Writing in the Content Areas

MGED 3990:  Development and Education of the Middle Grades Student, Part 1

MGED 3991:  Differentiated Classroom for Middle Grades

2 Content Methods Courses

(MGED 4100, 4200, 4300, 4400, 4500)

MGED 4000:  Development and Education of the Middle Grades Student, Part 2

MGED 3110:  Integrating  Technology in Middle Grades Education

MGED 4620:  Apprenticeship in Middle Grades Teaching

MGED 4790:  Student Teaching in Middle Grades

MGED 4800:  Professional Practices Seminar


Language Arts

12 hours

Social Studies

12 hours


12 hours


12 hours

Area F

ENGL 2060: Introduction to Literature



Area F


SOCI (1-2 Electives)





Area F

MATH: 1101, 1111, and/or 1112




Area F

BIOL 1030 & 1040:  Intro. to Biology/Lab


GEOG, PHSC, or PHYS (1 Elective)


ENGL 2080: Grammar and Style

MGED 3210: Literature for Middle Grades Education

LING 4000:  Principles of Language Study or ESOL 4010: Applied Linguistics of ESOL Teachers 

British Lit. 

(1 Elective)


Amer. Lit. 

(1 Elective)




HIST 4210, 4211 or 4212:  History of Georgia

GEOG 3410:  Cultural Geography

POLS (1 Elective)


 (1 Elective)



MATH 3180:  Mathematics for Middle School Teachers

MATH 3190:  Algebra and Geometry for Teachers

MATH 4161:  Mathematical Reasoning

MATH 2620:  Statistical Methods


ISCI 3101:  Matter & Energy for MGE

ISCI 3102:  Earth & Space Science for MGE

ISCI 3103:  Natural History for MGE



Recommended Four-Year Program of Study for Full-Time Students


Dr. Debbie Paine, Department Head and Program Coordinator    

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