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Over the past twenty years, the Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education has worked closely with the External Advisory Council.  Previously, this body was comprised primarily of public school educators and served to offer suggestions and feedback primarily related to program-related issues connected with the department.  Recently, the structure of this board has changed and is now comprised of a much more diverse group of individuals including university personnel within and outside of the department, community professionals, public school teachers, and students.

The purpose and/or charge of the board is to prospectively enhance undergraduate and graduate programs, support for faculty service outreach/student recruitment, and scholarship potential involving faculty and students in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education (KPE) at Valdosta State University (VSU) through the exchange of input, insight, feedback, and suggestions with departmental faculty through defined and productive communication.

In authorizing the development of the External Advisory Council, the Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education pledges complete cooperation with the External Advisory Council members. This shall include the appointment of a departmental representative with the responsibility to work with the External Advisory Council and keep all communications open between the department and the committee.

Generally, the External Advisory Council meets twice a year or as needed.