Advisement information

  • At approximately the 6th week of each semester, schedule an appointment with your advisor. Prior to meeting with your advisor, you should develop a list of courses that you need to complete your core. Any course substitution forms must be completed when meeting with your advisor. Dr. Sanderson will advise all Health and Physical Education majors once they have been fully admitted to into the program. 

  • Course substitutions or independent study courses will not accepted in most transfer instances when applied to the upper division classes. (Please discuss this with your advisor for specifics.)

  • Each student is responsible for keeping track of his/her academic progress, including knowing what courses you need to take and when, as well as completing program requirements as outlined in the HPE check sheet.

  • Failure to enroll in classes in the proper block (junior/senior) or not taking a required class can delay graduation one academic year.

  • You need some type of a planner. This may be in the form of a hard copy calendar, a meeting maker planner on a computer, a palm pc, etc. The use of a calendar will enhance your organizational skills in which you will need to be successful in this program.