Why Earn a Degree in Health, PE & Coaching

An undergraduate degree in health and physical education can lead to a number of different career paths or job possibilities including:

  • Teaching - Many graduates choose a career in teaching health and/or physical education, whether in the public schools and/or the private school sector. Gaining certification in both health and physical education is an advantage over some states as it compromises more breadth of content within the degree.
  • Recreation/Leisure – Graduates are qualified to work in recreation/leisure settings whether as sport directors within recreation departments or leadership positions connected with camps or adventure education positions.
  • Fitness and/or Sport & Coaching - Graduates may also choose an emphasis in the area of fitness or sport and secure management or director positions in fitness clubs, YMCA, Boys’ or Girls’ Clubs, coaching, or related settings.
  • Graduate School - An undergraduate degree in health and physical education can serve as a springboard to graduate work in a number of fields including public health, pedagogy, curriculum and instruction, motor learning, kinesiology/biomechanics, exercise physiology, or other health care professions.

Your degree from VSU in health and physical education affords you with a number of career options, so take advantage of a degree that could translate to a highly active and exciting job! Contact the department at (229)-333-7161 for more information or to schedule an appointment.