Teacher Candidate Recognition

Bree Danforth

Bree Danforth

Inducted into Alpha Beta Kappa
Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi 


 Jennifer Bacon

Outstanding ECSE Student Teacher

Samantha Cooperman

Samantha Cooperman

Graduate Assistant of the Year (out of 330)
Outstanding Involvement of Families and Community

Ashleigh Mansfield

Ashleigh Mansfield

Overall Outstanding Student


 Adrian Marsh

COEHS Deserving Student Scholarship

Greg Vaughn

Gregory Vaughn

Outstanding Undergraduate Student


Emma McGee

Dorothy Dewar Service Scholarship
Outstanding ECE Student Teacher


Emily Wiggins

Outstanding Graduate Student


 COEHS Italian Study Abroad Scholarships

Nancy Guerrero
Schuyler Kenzel
Shakela Primrose
Jordan Rackley
Gregory Vaughn



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