Certification-Only Program in Elementary Education

The Certification-Only Program in Elementary Education is designed for the candidate who already possesses a bachelor’s degree in another field to provide the requirements necessary to obtain a teaching certificate in Elementary Education from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Candidates receive a personalized program of study based on their coursework and professional experiences. Courses that will be taken to meet requirements for the Certification-Only program are offered as a part of the undergraduate BSEd program in Elementary Education, a face-to-face, day program. The certification-only program in ELED does not result in a second degree.

Admission Requirements 

In order to enroll in the Certification-Only Program in Elementary Education, candidates must be admitted to the university. Admission requirements can be found at the following page: Undergraduate Admissions

How to Apply

Apply to the program online at the following URL: Apply Now


The program for the certification-only candidate will vary depending on past educational and professional experiences. Candidates begin by requesting a transcript evaluation through the Educator Certification Office located in the Dewar College of Education and Human Services at Valdosta State University. Contact information can be found at the following URL: Educator Certification Office

Once your application for the transcript evaluation is complete, the certification-only advisor in the Elementary Education department will complete the evaluation. The candidate will then receive an individualized program of study of requirements that, when successfully completed, will result in VSU recommending you for certification.