BSED Elementary Education

Dear Elementary Education Major:

This map is a term-by-term sample course schedule. The milestones listed below each term are designed to keep you on course to graduate in four years. Two sample schedules are provided as a general guideline to help you build a full schedule each term.  The elective courses must be selected with your advisor to satisfy all Georgia requirements, the core curriculum, required lab sciences, and any multicultural requirements.

The teaching profession is one of the greatest callings a student can have and the ELED faculty at VSU is committed to preparing professional teachers who can effectively demonstrate the knowledge, competencies, and skills necessary to teach children in ways that enhance their overall growth.  Elementary Education majors will also be able to make reflective, ethical, theoretical, and pedagogical sound decisions when planning and implementing curricula and programs.  In collaboration with public schools, other child-care professionals, and community agencies, the diverse ELED faculty strives to provide information and experiences that will broaden students' perspectives to encompass a global view of the teaching/learning process, while maintaining a clear vision of the needs of children and families in VSU’s service area. 

Students who complete the major in Elementary Education will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree. VSU’s Elementary Education program is approved by Georgia’s Professional Standards Commission, Georgia’s teacher certifying agency. All Elementary Educationmajors complete the core curriculum, Areas A-F, with area F being specific to Elementary Education. Upon acceptance into teacher education, students then follow a block schedule of their major classes during their junior and senior years. Upon graduation, they are Elementary Education certification eligible.

Program website: B.S.Ed. in Elementary Education

Office Location: Dewar College of Education & Human Services, Room 1160

The following plan allows for 16+ credits a semester. It is also available to have 12+ credits plus the summer terms.

Year 1

Fall Hrs.
ENGL 1101 (H) 3
EDUC 2110 3
MATH 1111(H) OR 1101(H) 3
PSYC 1101 3
3 hour Math or Science from Area D 3
Total hours 16
Spring Hrs.
ENGL 1102 (H) 3
EDUC 2120 3
MATH 2008 3
POLS 1101(H) 3
Science (4 hour w/ lab from Area D) 4
Total hours 17

Milestones: Complete Georgia Government requirement. Complete regent’s requirement. Overall 2.75 GPA or higher. Accumulate 30 or more collegiate credits, attaining sophomore status.

Year 2

Fall Hrs.
EDUC 2130 3
HIST 2111 OR 2112 3
ISCI 2001 3
KSPE 2000 2
Science (4 hour w/lab from Area D) 4
Total hours 17
Spring Hrs.
EDUC 2999 0
ENG 2111, 2112, OR 2113 3
ISCI 2002 3
KSPE 2150 2
Area C elective (Different category than the previous one) 3
Area E elective 3
Total hours 16

Milestones: Complete Georgia history requirement. Overall 2.75 GPA or higher. Accumulate 60 or more collegiate credits, attaining junior status. Earn an "S" in EDUC 2999 to be admitted to Teacher Education. Earn a "C" or higher in MATH 1111 or MATH 1101 to take MATH 2008. Earn a "C" or higher in MATH 2008 to take MATH 3161.

Year 3

Fall Hrs.
ELED 3190 2
ELES 3010 3
LITR 3110 3
LITR 3120 3
MATH 3161 3
SPEC 3000 3
Total hours 17
Spring Hrs.
ELES 3020 3
ELES 3210 3
ELED 3690 2
ELED 4500 3
LITR 3130 3
MATH 3162 3
Total hours 17
Summer Hrs.
LITR 4120 3
MATH 4161 3
Total hours 6

Milestones: Overall 2.75 GPA or higher. Accumulate 90 or more collegiate credits, attaining senior status. Apply for graduation. Earn a "C" or higher in MATH 3161 to take MATH 3162. Earn a "C" or higher in MATH 3162 to take MATH 4161. MATH 4161 and LITR 4120 can be taken ahead of time in the summer before Term 7.

Year 4

Fall Hrs.
ELED 3300 3
ELED 4400 3
ELED 4690 2
ELED 4010 3
LITR 4120 3
MATH 4161 3
Total hours 17
Spring Hrs.
ELED 4790 9
ELED 4420 3
Total hours 12

Milestones: Overall 2.75 GPA or higher. Apply for student teaching during Term 7. Complete all course work (excluding ELED 4790 and ELED 4420) prior to Term 8. Attempt the GACE Content assessment at the end of Term 7 or before the end of Term 8. Accumulate 129 collegiate credits. Made eligible for teacher certification.