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Provide more opportunities for teacher candidate involvement with culturally diverse students.



  • Tutoring sessions can be assigned to schools/ locations such as the Mildred Hunter Learning Center, Boys and Girls Club, Title I schools as well as other locations that will give an enriched variety of culturally diverse experiences.
  • Invite seminar guest speakers from Children’s Advocacy Center, LAMP and other local organizations that assist at risk students.
  • PAGE will possibly be able to provide assistance to better prepare teacher candidates for instructing diverse students.
  • ECSE 4420 Clinical Model Seminar will incorporate a book study using a text requirement that covers issues that focus on culturally diverse students. This will begin spring semester 2014.   
  • Goal for Practicum Seminar and Clinical Practice Seminar for 2014-2015
  • Meetings have taken place with the Director of Professional Learning Department, Dr. Ann Stuke, Ph.D. and the local Page Representative, Dale Gillespie, to develop a collaborative effort towards professional development and PAGE awareness.
  • ECSE 4420 students completed a book study and blogging project during their clinical practice experience that expanded knowledge about students from low SES homes.


There is a need to provide more training for mentor teachers as well as incentives to participate in the mentoring partnership.

  • Establish a resource teacher from the faculty of each partnering school that can respond to questions that mentor teachers have and possible assist in delivering information about the practicum model as well as the clinical field model.
  • Provide a workshop for mentors to share goals and requirements of our field models. Invite stakeholders.
  • Create a mentoring webinar that can deliver information at the viewers’ convenience.
  • Work collaboratively with partnering schools to establish monetary incentives, PLU credits, release time to attend mentoring/ field model trainings.


  • Beginning Fall 2014, the ECSE Department will select one or two resource teachers from each partnering school.  There will be an attempt to have a meeting with these mentor building representatives each semester, ideally towards the beginning of the semester, to provide updates about the ECSE program.  This effort will be a combined responsibility between the field coordinator, the director of field experience and clinical practice, and the field experience committee chairman.
  • The suggestion will be relayed to the OFECP in order to promote workshops for our mentors.  The OFECP already has one workshop scheduled for June 16, 2014 which showcases a mentor/teacher candidate practice of collaborative teaching.                                                   


Supporting the management of the increasing demands of teachers while bringing creativity and sound developmental judgment to classroom.

  • More administrative support and support at higher levels to address unrealistic demands on classroom teachers (Direct effect on teacher education)
  • Bring passion and creativity into classroom teaching 
  • Prepare teacher candidates with realistic expectations without being discouraging
  • VSU faculty can provide free professional development to partnering schools
  • Instruct teacher candidates to share data with their students so that the students can create a personal ownership of goals for increasing skills and knowledge. (Personalized data/goals strategy)
  • In order to promote the well-being of our teacher candidates and provide a manageable experience, the ECSE department will attempt to streamline assignments and promote the allowance of personal day(s) during field experience and clinical practice.
  • Continue to provide opportunities for teacher candidates to showcase creative strategies and activities.
  • Possibly managed during seminar through guest speakers
  • OFECP will continue to sponsor opportunities for professional development for mentors.  The next scheduled mentor training will be held on June 16 - "Using the Talents of Our Mentors!" (Whole Brain Teaching and Co-Teaching in the Classroom)
  • Part of the TCKES evaluation tool that is currently being piloted places a great deal of emphasis on using student data to drive the future lessons.  The trend in our partnering schools for meeting goals of the TCKES evaluation is to encourage the students to become aware of their own data and set personal goals for progress.  The "ownership of data" practice that is currently being emphasized in the public school setting should become one of the expectations for our teacher candidates practice as they work towards meeting TCKES and edTPA requirements.

TCKES - Teacher Candidate Keys Effectiveness System
edTPA - Teacher Performance Assessment (Student Version)
OFECP - Office of Field Experience and Clinical Practice
SES - Socioeconomic status
LAMP - Lowndes Associated Ministries to People