Elementary Education

The programs in the department are designed to prepare professional educators who manifest the knowledge, dispositions, and competencies deemed necessary to enhance young children's overall intellectual, social, emotional, and personal growth and development. The design of the professional program includes a variety of methods and content courses. These courses are supported by structured field experiences designed to provide opportunities to meld theory with practice in field-based interactions with young children.

Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in Elementary Education

The structure of the Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.Ed.) degree with a major in elementary education is to prepare teacher candidates to teach children in Pre-kindergarten through 5th grade in general education classrooms. The major in elementary education results in Georgia Professional Standards Commission certification in Early Childhood (P-5).

Certification-Only Program in Elementary Education

The Certification-Only Program in Elementary Education is designed for the candidate who already possesses a bachelor’s degree in another field to provide the requirements necessary to obtain a teaching certificate in Elementary Education from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Candidates receive a personalized program of study based on their coursework and professional experiences. Courses that will be taken to meet requirements for the Certification-Only program are offered as a part of the undergraduate BSEd program in Elementary Education, a face-to-face, day program. The certification-only program in Elementary Education does not result in a second degree.

Master of Education in Elementary Education

The Master of Education Degree (MEd) Program in Elementary Education is designed to build on the Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and meets the requirements to earn an upgraded teaching certificate from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Candidates are expected to refine this base, developing abilities to deal with more of the intricate aspects of the teaching experience. In the Master of Education program in Elementary Education, the candidate will gain a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge, research, and dominant theories of Elementary Education to support effective teaching of young children. The program also builds a strong link to classroom instruction and implementation of knowledge and skills in elementary school settings.