VSU's Title IV-E Child Welfare Education Program

The Title IV-E Child Welfare Education Program (Title IV-E Program) has been reinstated and Valdosta State University (VSU) is one of the participating Title IV-E Program schools.

VSU’s Title IV-E Program will pay for each participant’s tuition, will provide a modest book allowance*, and a stipend*.  Students interested in the program must be accepted into VSU’s MSW program, must complete the Title IV-E application (information is provided below), must complete an interview with Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (GADFCS) and the VSU Title IV-E coordination team, must sign an annual student agreement, must enroll in and successfully complete two three credit hour child welfare courses, and must successfully pass special training required by GADFCS.

Students who are interested in the Title IV-E Program should apply through the Georgia DFCS Title IV-E Website https://www.gadfcs.org/grant/cwg.jsp. Please review each of the links very carefully. 

“There is a work obligation if you are chosen for the IV-E grant. For every academic year you receive IV-E funding (usually 9 months) you are required to work a calendar year (12 months) at DFCS in social services.  The count for this time starts after you obtain your degree. This is how you “payback” the Program. Failure to complete your work obligation will result in the State using all means available to recoup the funds spent on your education. For those of you who obtain an MSW, a report will be made to licensing board about your failure to complete your work obligation, which could present challenges for you if you want to get licensed”  (Georgia Division of Family and Children Services, 2015).

Please note that the Title IV-E Child Welfare Education Program is very competitive.

*pending final budget approval