Ed.S. in Teacher Leadership

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The Teacher Leadership Ed.S. Degree is an advanced degree that prepares educators to meet the GaPSC Teacher Leadership standards providing a foundation for effective collaboration with students, parents, and colleagues. These standards are related to curriculum and instruction, assessment, a school culture that fosters excellence in teaching and learning, modeling best practices in instruction, working with others to design assessments, and using data to work with colleagues in collaborative efforts to improve instruction for all students. By completing this online degree and passing the appropriate Georgia content assessment, candidates will be eligible for the new Teacher Leadership (level 6) certification. One of several paths of electives in this program allows completion of the Educational Leadership pre-service requirements or acquisition  of  an endorsement in Reading, Gifted Education, or Online Teaching. Other electives are available.

This 27- hour program can be completed in three to four consecutive semesters - about 12 to 16 months - with full-time enrollment. Courses are offered on a continuous basis, allowing for part-time enrollment. No campus visits are required to complete the program.

Special Requirements: Students must be employed teachers or employees of an educational agency

  • Delivery: The program is fully online, with no on-campus attendance requirements. Students conduct all work online, including team projects, exams, discussion posts, and case studies. Students have access to online academic resources, such as the library. Courses are asynchronous; there are no scheduled online meetings except those one might make with peers for group work.
  • Technology: Students must have access to a digital video camera to record performance for remote classroom observation. A webcam is an option for this requirement in some cases and can be useful for video conferencing with instructor or peers. Students must purchase the LIveText portfolio assessment application and should have high speed internet access. Additional software may be required.
  • Transfer credit: No more than 6 semester hours of post-master’s academic work may be transferred from another institution into the program.  Transfer credit will be evaluated after admission by the department upon entry.  To be eligible, credit must be no more than seven years old prior to completion of the degree.
  • Cost: Please see the Fees / Aid link for details.
  • Financial Aid: Student loans are available through the VSU Office of Financial Aid - 229-333-5935. GaPSC Certification: By completing this online degree and passing the appropriate Georgia content assessment, candidates will be eligible for the new Teacher Leadership (level 6) certification.  Adding the level 6 Teacher Leadership certification through this program provides a level 6 certificate upgrade for any educator currently certified at level 5 in any teaching, service, or leadership area, even if the educator is not assigned to a leadership position. Students who began taking courses in the program before January 15, 2013, and who complete the program by September 15, 2015, will still earn the Curriculum and Instruction degree in Exemplary Teaching and be eligible for a certificate upgrade. Further details are available on the relevant GaPSC guidance document.

Admission Requirements 

Applications are accepted one semester in advance. For deadlines, visit the VSU GOML Calendar. Submitting an application prior to the deadline does not guarantee processing for your desired semester. Your application cannot be processed until all required documents are received by the Graduate School. Admission is for a specific semester. Teachers will be admitted to this program with the same criteria as used for on-campus Ed.S. degree programs.


  1. Completed Georgia ONmyLINE application for admission to the VSU graduate school.
  2. A $50 application fee. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid online using a debit or credit card.
  3. One official transcript must be submitted from every college and university attended (undergraduate and graduate), even if the courses from one school appears on the transcript of another. Official transcripts bear an official seal and signature and are sent to the Graduate School in the original sealed envelopes. VSU transcripts will be obtained by the Graduate School.
  4. Students will not be admitted with a grade point average of less than 3.00 on all previous graduate work attempted.
  5. Official test scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Miller Analogies Test (MAT):
    • GRE - minimum score of 850 and a minimum verbal score of 400.
    • MAT - minimum score of 390 (for MAT scores taken prior to Oct 2004 the minimum score is 36).
  6. Must hold a clear renewable teaching or service certificate at the master’s-level or higher. Individuals with certification from states other than Georgia must provide documentation of the appropriate certificate. Eligibility will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Must submit the leadership assurance form. http://www.valdosta.edu/academics/graduate-school/documents/eds-teacher-leadership-assurance-form.pdf  The form should provide verification that your school administrator:
    • Supports your decision to pursue the degree
    • Recommends you for participation in this program
    • Agrees to provide the necessary resources for successful completion of the degree requirements, including time and access to teachers and stakeholder groups so that candidate can  observe, mentor, conduct research, and provide professional learning, among other things.
  8. Must submit the Student Information Section and Distance Learning Exemption sections of the VSU Medical Form.

For additional admission information, please contact the VSU Graduate School at (229) 333-5694 or by email gradschool@valdosta.edu. All required documents must be submitted prior to close of business on the application deadline. For semester deadlines visit the VSU GOML Calendar.

Schedule of Course Offerings

Ed.S. in Teacher Leadership Program of Study with Course Descriptions

College of Education Core Courses (15 Hours)

EDET 8001

Teacher Leadership Residency I
Clinical hours related to Teacher Leadership Standards 2, 4, and 7.  Candidates complete clinical practice in the areas of school culture, mentoring and coaching, and interpersonal skills/problem solving in at least two school settings and with at least two stakeholder groups.


EDET 8002

Teacher Leadership Residency II

Prerequisite:  EDET 8001. Clinical hours related to Teacher Leadership Standards 3, 5, and 6.  Candidates complete clinical practice in the areas of curriculum, assessment, and conducting and applying research.  Residency hours are completed in at least two school settings and with at least two stakeholder groups


EDET 8003

Teacher Leadership Residency III

Prerequisite:  EDET 8001 and EDET 8002. Clinical hours related to Teacher Leadership Standard 1.  Candidates design and conduct professional learning that is data-driven and research-based. Results are analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively, and are presented to appropriate stakeholders.


*EDET 8020

Using Assessment and Research Data
Techniques for establishing reliable and valid data sources for student, classroom, and school-improvement decisions. Candidates learn how to utilize technology tools for educational management


EDET 8030

Developing and Leading a Community of Diverse Learners
Examination of the impact of cultural, multicultural, diversity, and exceptionality issues on adults' and children's relationships, communication, and educational practices in American schools. Appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication techniques are addressed.


EDET 8040

Strategic Planning for School Reform
Prerequisite: EDET 8020. Study of major theories and evidence-based practices in the design and development of research to evaluate the effectiveness of school-based programs, including curricular, co-curricular, and staff development initiatives for the improvement of student learning.


EDET 8050

Action Research
Prerequisites: EDET 8020 and EDET 8040. Practical action research utilized for the purpose of school reform and student achievement.  Examine the reflective roles of the classroom teacher and how reflection may lead to school improvement.


Electives/Specialization (9 Hours):

Approved Elective



Approved Elective



Approved Elective


Capstone Experiences: (3 Hours)


EDET 8880

Capstone Seminar
Prerequisites: EDET 8001, EDET 8002, EDET 8020, EDET 8030, and EDET 8040.  Pre- or corequisites: EDET 8003 and EDET 8050. Capstone course resulting in a portfolio demonstrating candidates' analysis of teaching, leadership, and mentoring. Analysis is based on National Board Standards, educational specialist degree goals, professional development program plans designed, and candidates' course projects.


                                      9 hours of elective classes appropriate for professional development

*Work in course must focus on content of candidate’s certification field.

TOTAL Semester Hour Credits


Retention, Graduation, Dismissal & Readmission Policies


  1. No more than 6 semester hours of post-master’s academic work may be transferred from another institution into the program.  Transfer credit will be evaluated after admission by the department upon entry.  To be eligible, credit must be no more than seven years old prior to completion of the degree.
    1. The maximum time allowed for completion of the education specialist degree is seven calendar years.  No work completed more than seven years prior to degree completion will be accepted toward the degree, except with special permission from the student’s major professor and the Dean of the Dewar College of Education and approval from the Dean of the Graduate School.
    2. To graduate from this program, a student must have a cumulative institutional graduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.
    3. Earning grades below “B” in graduate courses will result in the following consequences:
  • Students admitted Fall 2011and thereafter will be dismissed from the Graduate School if they accumulate three or more academic deficiency points unless otherwise indicated by individual program policy. A grade of “C” (although it may be credited toward a degree) equals one deficiency point. A grade of “D,” “WF” or “F,” or “U” (none of which will be credited toward a degree) equals two deficiency points.

Candidates admitted BEFORE Fall 2011 and receiving two grades below “C” (“D”, “F”, “WF”,“U”) will be dismissed from the program. One grade below a "C" results in a warning.

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Submit all admissions documentation to: 
Graduate School
Valdosta State University
1500 N. Patterson Street
Valdosta, GA 31698-0005
Fax: 229 -245 -3853
Email: gradschool@valdosta.edu

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