Application Guidelines - H.W. Wilson Scholarship

Thanks to the generous support from the H. W. Wilson Company, the Master of Library and Information Science program is able to provide several scholarships per year to MLIS students whose academic records demonstrate progress toward the degree. Awarded in the Spring semester, each scholarship covers the cost of tuition (not including fees) for one course at the eTuition rate.

A.  Eligibility

     1.  Completion of at least 12 credits taken at Valdosta State University (VSU) toward the Master of Library and
     Information Science (MLIS) degree.  The 12 credits must be completed at the time of application.

     2.  GPA of a 3.8 or higher.


B.  Submitting an Application

1.   MLIS candidates meeting eligibility standards 1 through 3 may apply for the H.W. Wilson Scholarship in the Spring semester.

2.   Write a cover letter that includes a brief profile of your career goals and your progress toward those goals so far.  It must also include your student identification number (870-xxx-xxx) and your VSU email address. 

3.  Complete a Program of Study form with your MLIS Program advisor.  Your Program of Study form must include a list of the courses you have completed as well as those you are planning to take, grades for all courses you have completed (at least four to meet the criteria for this scholarship application). The blank Program of Study form is located on the MLIS Academic Advising webpage under Program of Study Form:

4.   After review of your Program of Study, your advisor will forward the completed package to the MLIS Department Head. 

5.   Deadline for all H.W. Wilson Scholarship application(s): February 12.

C.  Selection

1.   The MLIS Awards and Scholarship Committee will review the applications.

2.   All applicants will be reviewed in the Spring semester; the awards will be applied to the following Summer or Fall semester.

3.   Each scholarship recipient will receive an award letter prior to the beginning of the semester in which the scholarship will be applied.

D.  Procedures for Disbursement

Each semester, awards will be applied to the students’ tuition prior to the fee payment deadline. Fees will be the responsibility of the student.

SUBMIT your cover letter to:

Your MLIS advisor - email preferred.

Fax: 229-259-5055 (To the attention of your advisor).

If you elect to use mail use the following address:

     Department of Library and Information Studies
     Valdosta State University
     1500 North Patterson Street
     Valdosta GA 31698
     ATTN: "Your Advisor"