Retention and Dismissal Policies

Deficiency Points Policy

The MFT Program adheres to the following deficiency points system:

Earning a grade below “B” in a graduate course results in deficiency points. Students admitted into the MFT program prior to the Fall of 2016 can accumulate four or more academic deficiency points before they are dismissed. Effective August 2016, students will be dismissed from the MFT Program if they accumulate three or more academic deficiency points. A grade of “C” equals one deficiency point (although it can be credited toward the degree). Grades of “D,” “WF,” or “F” (none of which can be credited toward the degree) equals two deficiency points each. Warning letters will be issued to students for each earned deficiency point until enough points are accumulated to warrant dismissal.

Special Retention Requirements

Students take the Comprehensive Exam I - Application to Clinical Practicum, which screens students for personal and academic readiness to enroll in the clinical practica.
Students are expected to demonstrate professionally appropriate behavior throughout their time in the program and can be terminated for non-academic reasons.

Special Graduation Requirements

Students must accrue 500 hours of client contact and 100 hours of supervision and pass the Comprehensive Exam, Parts I and II.

  • Comprehensive Exam Part I - Application to Clinical Practicum
  • Comprehensive Exam Part II - Statement of Orientation, which is completed by the end of the second practicum
  • Students must complete 60 semester hours with a “B” average or higher.
  • No grade below “C” will be credited toward the M.S. degree program in Marriage and Family Therapy.