Program Options

Face-to-Face (Traditional, On-Campus):

The on-campus options offers both full- and part-time programs of study. The full-time program of study is 60 semester hours over a two-year period. Classes are offered in the evenings after 5 pm on the Valdosta State University campus. The traditional face-to-face classroom environment is enhanced by Web technology. Part-time students follow the same curriculum, but may choose a three-year or four-year plan. Two separate field practicums are required.

Web Hybrid (Web Based & Weekend):

The Department of Social Work offers students an innovative three-year, web-based program with required monthly visits to campus. Monthly visits are held one weekend per month, Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. The remainder of the coursework is completed online. This program is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to pursue a part-time graduate program, yet live and work at a considerable distance from campus. Two separate field practicums are required.

Advanced Standing (students with BSW degree):

Students who have received a Bachelor of Social Work degree within the last five years from a CSWE-accredited program and who meet the MSW admission requirements may apply for Advanced Standing status. Advanced Standing students must complete 33 semester hours and one field practicum over a one-year period for the MSW degree. Advanced Standing students may apply to the web hybrid or traditional cohorts, but space is limited. (Applying for Advanced Standing)

Course Details

Program of Study Detail (.pdf - order of courses for each program option)

Course Descriptions (description of all courses offered in the MSW program)