Program Admission Assessment

For admission into teacher education, you must either pass or exempt the GACE Program Admission Assessment. You can exempt with any of the following minimum scores:

  • Hold a professional teaching certificate in Georgia or another state.
  • GRE: minimum exempting scores are listed below.
    • Tested before August 2011: 1030 or higher (Verbal + Quantitative).
    • Tested in August 2011 or later: 297 or higher (Verbal + Quantitative).
  • ACT: 43 (English + Math).
  • SAT: minimum exempting scores are listed below. 
    • For recentering SAT® scores prior to April 1995, click here.
    • SAT score report dated prior to July 1, 2019: 1000 (Verbal/Critical Reading + Math OR Evidence-Based Reading/Writing + Math).
    • SAT score report dated on or after July 1, 2019: 1080 on Evidence-Based Reading/Writing + Math
  • Passing scores on other state basic skills assessments, including the previous Georgia GACE Basic Skills Assessment*. See for a complete list of available exemptions.

Note: Tests from two test administrations can be combined to meet the exemption requirement (Ex: Verbal from one SAT test administration combined with Math from another SAT test administration. Different tests cannot be combined to meet the exemption (Ex: A score from a GRE test cannot be combined with a score from a SAT test). Tests from two SAT administrations can be combined to meet the exemption requirement, but if one of the score reports is dated on or after July 1, 2019, the combined scores must meet the requirement of 1080.

*The GaPSC reserves the right not to accept scores from other states. You can submit documentation of the scores via a high school transcript, a college transcript, or an official score report. We will submit these documents to the GaPSC prior to admission in order to ensure it meets GaPSC requirements.

To see if you exempted, look on your Teacher Education Admission Information page in BANNER. If you are a transfer student, these scores may not be posted since you would not have been required to send them for admission to VSU. If you believe that you exempt the GACE Program Admission Assessment and VSU does not have these scores, then you can have official ones sent to VSU to be posted.

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission and VSU do not accept MAT test scores for exemption of the GACE Program Admissions Assessment.

How to Study for the GACE Program Admission Assessment?

If you have to take the GACE Program Admission Assessment, there are several study options available to you. Students can utilize the Academic Support Center (ASC) to work with a tutor on GACE test areas. For more information about the ASC, visit Study materials can also be found online at Khan Academy ( The study companion developed by the testing company, ETS, for the GACE Program Admission Assessment can be found at this link: You can also access a GACE study guide book from the VSU Odum Library. Please contact the Odum Library for more information.


Before you can register for the GACE Program Admission Assessment, you must create a MyPSC account. Once you have created this account, you will need your PSC account number/certification ID number to login to the ETS testing company website to sign up for the GACE Program Admission Assessment. To find this account/certification ID number, click on the Profile link in the top right of the MyPSC webpage once you have registered; then proceed to the ETS site to register for the GACE Assessment. The Testing Center at VSU, located in Powell Hall, administers the GACE tests (there are many other testing sites located across the state), but registration must follow the steps above.

View this Voicethread for step-by-step instructions on registering for the GACE Program Admission Assessment.