Policy and Procedures Manual


The College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) Policy and Procedures Manual describes the organizational structure and governance of the unit. Its purpose is to provide information specific to the organization and activities of the unit. The manual will be reviewed and revised periodically and changes will take effect as approved and adopted. The following additional sources of policies and procedures guided the development of the manual. The information presented is not meant to conflict with, contradict, or supersede the information contained in the documents listed below.

University System Board of Regents’ Academic and Student Affairs Handbook

Valdosta State University Statutes

Valdosta State University Faculty Handbook

Valdosta State University Student Handbook

Additional COEHS policies and procedures concerning admission and program requirements are described in the University Graduate and Undergraduate Catalogs that are printed annually and available on the university web page.

COEHS Process Flow Charts

Process for Course and Curriculum Change Requests

Process for Selection / Assignment of Clinical Supervisors

Process for Selection and Assignment of Mentors

Data Use for Strategic Program Improvement

Developing and Maintaining Policies and Procedures

Policies are governing principles with wide, general application. Written policy sets a course of action that requires compliance and can also constrain action. Procedures are written to implement policy. Clearly written and agreed-upon guidelines describe accepted policies and procedures to ensure that decisions are made considering the common good. It is essential that all policies be clearly written and effectively communicated. Creating and maintaining policies is an on-going process.