VSU Email/ ID

VSU STUDENT ID - 9-digit number beginning with 870

This number is your unique identifier and must be used in communications with VSU faculty and staff. It serves as your username for Banner Web, the registration and fee payment system. You should find this number in an admissions letter or email.


All contact from VSU, your department, your advisor and professors, will be sent to your VSU Office 365 email account. "I didn't get the message" will never be an acceptable excuse for missing deadlines and etc. Your VSU email address can be found on your admission letter or email. The first part of the email address, the PID or username, is used for some systems, and the whole email address will serve as your username for other GOML systems.  

  1. To log in for the first time, go to the Office 365 homepage at http://office.valdosta.edu and click on the "Self-Service Password Reset Tool." Follow through with the steps to reset your password.

  2. Then, go back to http://office.valdosta.edu to log into your email account with your new password and username. It is recommended that you bookmark this link. Your username will be your entire VSU email address, for example: xxxxx@valdosta.edu. For extra help, see the Office 365 guides.

  3. Contact your advisor: Your admissions letter should communicate your advisor. if your advisor has already sent an e-mail to you, please respond; if not, initiate contact with your advisor using the email address provided on the admission letter.

If you have any trouble logging into your Office 365 email, submit a help request at VSU IT Helpdesk or call the VSU HelpDesk at (229) 245-4357.