Welcome aboard! Perhaps you received an acceptance letter directing you to this site, which contains very important information on how to begin your studies, as well as guides on other processes and protocols. Please check this site for information regarding questions you may have. Note that these guides are largely meant for students enrolled in GOML programs; however, they apply to VSU students in other programs as well, with a few exceptions as noted, which refer you to the Distance Learning site. Also, your letter may direct you to a departmental website to get you started or for follow-up tasks. In the menu on the left you will see some key steps to get you started, beginning with your email account and student ID. Here is an overview:

  1. Email and Student ID: All students must first access their VSU email account, where important communication occurs. Also, note your student ID number; this will be important as you progress through your program.

  2. Advising: Your advisor should be indicated on your admissions letter or email. If you do not hear from your program or advisor within 2-3 weeks, you should initiate contact. Follow the Advising link for more information on advising.

  3. Calendars: Observe the calendars for important dates, such as registration and start of classes.

  4. Course Registration : There is a special system for GOML programs, as identified on the Online Programs page. Follow the Registration link in the menu and attend to the appropriate directions.

  5. Paying for Courses: This is important so that you are not dropped from your courses. Follow the directions provided at the link in the menu. Information on Financial Aid is included.

  6. Accessing Courses: For GOML students, there is also a special learning management system, GoVIEW. Students in other, non-GOML VSU programs use BlazeVIEW. Follow the Course Delivery link for specific directions on accessing these systems.

Please make sure you attend to all the steps above. All the best for your studies at VSU!

If you have any trouble with the systems covered here, please see the Getting Help section for whom to contact regarding your concerns.