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The Gifted In-Field Endorsement enables educators to provide "direct instruction" only in the grade levels and fields of their base certificates. Individuals with this endorsement may serve as a resource teacher for "indirect services" for gifted education in any content area or grade level P-12. Successful completion of the Endorsement for the Talented and Gifted courses leads to the Gifted In-Field Endorsement from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC). Working educators choose this program because of its accreditation, quality, and fit with their busy lifestyles.

Center for Gifted Studies

In 2011, the VSU Department of Psychology and Counseling introduced the Center for Gifted Studies. The Center's mission is to:

  • Develop talent, creativity, and critical thinking in individuals with gifts and talents.
  • Support cognitive, social, emotional, and wisdom development in individuals with gifts and talents.
  • Study the nature, identification, assessment, and evaluation of individuals with gifts and talents.
  • Create curriculum, methods, and materials appropriate for individuals with gifts and talents.

Graduate students taking Gifted In-Field Endorsement courses benefit from the activities provided by the Center for Gifted Studies (i.e., Gifted Summit). Additionally, there are numerous resource links on the Center's web site for teachers, parents, and students. For more information about the Center for Gifted Studies, click here or call 229-245-3869

The Need for the Gifted Endorsement

Only 3% of colleges and universities across the country offer courses in gifted education (VanTassel-Baska & Stambaugh, 2006). According to the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), gifted and talented students spend over 80% of their time in regular classrooms. According to the report National Excellence: A Case for Developing America's Talent (October, 1993), “teachers must receive better training in how to teach high-level curricula. They need support for providing instruction that challenges all students sufficiently. This will benefit not only students with outstanding talent but children at every academic level.” An educational program designed for the gifted must provide opportunities for learners to grow in all aspects of intelligence and provide experiences to develop socially and emotionally as well as cognitively.

  • Special Requirements: This program is for licensed teachers who work in a classroom setting with students a minimum of 20 hours per week per semester, excluding summers. This requirement can be fulfilled by being a classroom teacher or classroom volunteer in a consistent setting. Students will need a criminal background check (through the employing school district or your local police department). Students will need professional liability insurance, through the school system or membership of professional agency.
  • Delivery: Courses are offered on a continuous basis, allowing for part-time enrollment. No campus visits are required to complete the program. Students conduct all work in online courses, including team functions, exams, discussion posts, and case studies. Students also have access to academic resources, such as an online library. Courses are asynchronous, but students may participate in videoconferencing for field experience supervision or feedback. Students benefit from a highly interactive program setting that promotes leadership, collegiality, and communication skills.
  • Technology: Students must have regular access to a computer with a current operating system (Windows or Mac) and high speed internet access. Additional peripherals such as headphones and printer may be required. Students must have access to Webcam software and hardware to enable remote classroom observation and conferencing. Students are required to purchase LiveText portfolio assessment software. Additional course specific software may be required.
  • Portfolio: Preparation and presentation of a final electronic portfolio is a program exit requirement.
  • Transfer credit: No credits can be transferred from other institutions for this endorsement program.
  • Cost: Please see the Fees / Aid link for details.
  • Financial Aid: Not available for this program.
  • Retention/Completion: The maximum time allowed for completion of the endorsement is seven calendar years. Students must successfully complete the endorsement courses with an average grade of “B” or better to be recommended for the endorsement.

Admission Requirements

Teachers will be admitted to this program with the same criteria as used for on-campus, non-degree programs. Students already enrolled in a degree program who are eligible and also wish to pursue this endorsement must complete and submit to the Graduate School this Letter of Intent Form. Other applicants must meet these requirements:

  • Submit Georgia ONmyLINE application for graduate admission to the VSU Graduate School for admission as a Gifted Endorsement student. 
  • Submit application fee.  This fee is non-refundable and must be paid online using a credit or a debit card.
  • Hold an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Possess current clear/renewable teaching certificate.
For additional admission information, please contact the VSU Graduate School at (229) 333-5694 or by email All required documents must be submitted prior to close of business on the application deadline.  For semester deadlines visit the VSU GOML Calendar.

Submit all documentation to:
Graduate School
Valdosta State University
1500 N. Patterson Street
Valdosta, GA 31698-0005
Fax: 229 -245 -3853

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Program of Study

Two classes are offered each semester, including summer, permitting students to complete the endorsement in two consecutive semesters. Courses are offered on a rotating basis. Students may enter the program during any semester. The program follows a 15-week semester schedule for Spring and Fall Semester and a 7-week schedule for Summer Semester.

Four courses are required for the Gifted In-Field Endorsement (Georgia Professional Standards Commission):

Gifted In-Field Endorsement Courses (12 Hours)

PSYG 5610: Nature and Needs of Children Who Are Talented and Gifted
PSYG 6600: Methods & Materials for Children Who Are Talented and Gifted
PSYG 6620: Curriculum for Children Who Are Talented and Gifted
PSYG 7600: Assessment of Children Who Are Talented and Gifted
Total Hours:

Course Descriptions

PSYG 5610 Nature and Needs of Children Who Are Talented and Gifted
A course designed to give an overview of educational and behavioral characteristics of pupils who are talented and gifted. Includes diagnosis, referral, management, and educational practices.

PSYG 6600 Methods & Materials for Children Who Are Talented and Gifted
A course covering the development of curriculum content and teaching materials for students identified as talented and gifted. Considerable time will be spent on organizing learning experiences and utilizing a variety of teaching methods.

PSYG 6620 Curriculum for Children Who Are Talented and Gifted
This course provides a study of curriculum models, the types of curriculum needed for the Talented and Gifted, guidelines for developing curricular patterns which include subject or skill, core, interest, process, experiential bases of operations, and modular designs of community involvement. The course requirements include the development of curriculum of learning activities which will have greatest applicability and usability within the local school system.

PSYG 7600 Assessment of Children Who Are Talented and Gifted
This course provides an introduction to tests unique to assessing the developmental level and the potential achievement of children with talents and gifts. Emphasis is placed on the use of these tests in planning and selecting curricular programs and activities.