COEHS Conversion Mechanism Programs

Candidates who have earned a qualifying degree in Instructional Technology or Teacher Leadership at another institution but were unable to receive the certificate level upgrade through GaPSC may wish to pursue a “conversion mechanism program”.  By pursuing a “conversion mechanism program,” candidates will take only the coursework needed and supply evidence of meeting the program standards in order to be recommended for the appropriate service field in Georgia. The “conversion mechanism” process is begun by evaluating a candidate’s previous degree coursework in order to determine what additional coursework/requirements are needed to complete the certification requirements in a specific field. Qualifying degrees must have been completed no more than 5 years prior to the date of application to the conversion mechanism. With the exception of applicants for Teacher Leadership, all applicants wishing to be evaluated must pass the appropriate GACE Content Assessment BEFORE submitting this request form and must include a copy of ALL pages of the passing GACE score report with this request form. Candidates who wish to be evaluated for the conversion mechanism must provide an official transcript from the college or university where the previous qualifying degree was earned in order for a conversion mechanism plan to be developed.   Please refer to the Conversion Mechanism specific to each program for a complete list of requirements.

Please note:
  A transcript review does not guarantee eligibility for certification.


Conversion Mechanism Programs:

Instructional Technology 

Teacher Leadership

Conversion Mechanism Evaluation Request Form