Student Responsibilities

Ethical Conduct

Students are expected to demonstrate high professional and ethical standards while in the Ed.D. program. A Code of Ethics is presented in the VSU Student Handbook.


Each student is expected to attend all classes and other scheduled meetings or workshops. Punctuality and full participation are expected. Students who have valid reasons for an absence or an early departure should make arrangements with instructors in advance. In case of emergency, a student is expected to inform the instructor and arrange to make up work.

Academic Honesty

Academic honesty is required at all times by all students. Academic dishonesty involves acts which may subvert or compromise the integrity of the academic process. Grades and degrees earned by plagiarism, defined as “the copying of the language, structure, ideas, and/or thoughts of another and passing off same as one’s own, original work,” cheating, and other dishonest means devalue those earned by all students. Incidents of academic dishonesty may result in a failing grade for the assignment, or for the course, and in some cases, dismissal from the program following an appropriate disciplinary hearing process. An extensive discussion of plagiarism, including examples, is included here.

Regulatory Compliance

Students are responsible for complying with all relevant regulations concerning the use of human and/or animal subjects, radioactive or other hazardous materials, legend drugs, and recombinant DNA in research, study, and experimentation. Approval by the Institutional Review Board is needed prior to beginning any research. Contact the Office of Grants and Contracts for more details.