Technology Committee

Dewar College of Education
and Human Services

Committee Description:

The Technology Committee is a standing committee of the COEHS as mandated by the COEHS Policy and Procedures. The Technology Committee provides a forum for stakeholders (e.g., students, faculty, staff, and administrators) to exchange ideas, produce technology-centric recommendations to College administration, and annually evaluate the College’s progress towards the realization of the College’s long term technology vision, defined as:

The COEHS seeks to continuously use leading technologies and practices to support the production of technology-forward graduates, innovative teaching and research, and efficient services.

Committee Structure:

The committee is composed of voting and non-voting members. Voting members are comprised of one member from each COEHS department, one undergraduate, and one graduate student. The Dean may appoint a non-voting, ex-officio member.  The non-voting members serve as liaisons from the campus e-Learning unit and the campus Information Technology unit. The committee Chairperson is elected annually by voting members of the committee during the first committee meeting of each academic year.