Stages of Progress with Minimum Grade Point Averages Required

Semester Hours Attempted at VSU
and Hours transferred to VSU

Cumulative grade-point average
required on VSU courses

1-29 1.60
30-59 1.75
60-89 1.90
90-graduation 2.00

Academic Probation

A student will be placed on academic probation if, at the end of any semester while the student is in good standing, the cumulative GPA falls below the minimum specified in the table above or the semester GPA falls below 2.00.  Even though the student on probation is making some progress toward graduation, it should be clearly understood that without immediate academic improvement, suspension may result.

Academic Suspension

  1. A student will be suspended if at the end of any term, while on academic on probation, the cumulative GPA falls below the minimum specified in the tables above, and the GPA falls below 2.00.
  2. A first suspension will be for one semester.
  3. A second suspension shall be for two academic semesters.
  4. A third or subsequent suspension shall result in the student's being academically dismissed from the institution for a minimum period of five years.
  5. A student while on suspension shall not be granted transient permission to attend another institution unless prior approval is obtained from the student's Dean at Valdosta State University.
  6. Only fall and spring semesters count as "sit out" semesters.

For further information regarding academic status and readmission requirements, refer to the Academic Affairs section of the VSU Undergraduate Catalog.

COEHS Undergraduate and Initial Preparation Appeals Committee

If extenuating circumstances have led to denial of admission to Teacher Education, denial of student teaching, or denial of continuation in professional education coursework, students may appeal to the COEHS Undergraduate and Initial Preparation Appeals Committee. This committee meets regularly throughout the semester. Appeal forms are available by web or in the COEHS Advising Center in room 2036.

Classification of Student



Freshman 0-29 hours
Sophomore 30-59 hours
Junior 60-89 hours
Senior 90 & above

Academic Load

Fifteen hours per semester is a typical schedule of work for undergraduate students; however, 12 or more semester hours constitute full-time enrollment for undergraduates.