Guidelines for Readmission After Suspension

  • Fill out readmission form found here:
  • Write an appeal letter:
    • The letter must contain reasons why you feel you should be readmitted, and also adjustments you are willing to make to be readmitted into your program of study.
  • Take this form and the appeal letter to the registrar’s office for them to complete their portion of the form.
  • After getting the form completed at the Registrar's office, take both of these documents to the Department Head for your major. After gathering the Department Head's decision, call the Advising Center's Director, 229-245-6425 to make an appointment.


If you live out of town, you may want to make an appointment with the Department Head first and then go by the registrar’s office well in advance of your appointment.
You will need to drop your completed documentation off at the Department Head's office prior to your appointment.

For more detailed information visit Academic Probation and Suspension page.