As a means of monitoring retention requirements, each teacher education program has a check-point course.  The status of students enrolled in these courses is monitored by the faculty members in the dean's office in the College of Education and Human Services to ensure that all requirements for admission to teacher education have been maintained.  Students who do not maintain these retention requirements will be prevented from continuing in professional education course work.  The check-point courses for the teacher education programs are:

Art Education ARED 3010
Business Education ACED 4400
Communication Sciences and Disorders CSD 3080, CSD 5120
Deaf Education ECSE 3490, ECSE 3020, LITR 3130, and LITR 3120
Early Childhood ECED 3690, ECED 3300, LITR 3130, LITR 3120, and ECSE 3020
Early Childhood Special Education General Curriculum ECSE 3490, ECSE 3020, LITR 3130, and LITR 3120
Foreign Language Education FLED 4500
Middle Grades Education MGED 3990
Music Education MUSC 3650
Health and Physical Education KSPE 4710