Valdosta State University seeks to provide an environment suitable for promoting the systematic pursuit of learning. To ensure this primary goal, the University requires of its students reasonable academic progress. The retention of those students who repeatedly demonstrate a lack of ability, industry, maturity, and preparation would be inconsistent with this requirement.

Academic probation serves as the initial notice that the student’s performance is not currently meeting the minimum grade point average required for graduation. Continued performance at this level will result in the student’s being placed on academic suspension.

Academic probation is designed to serve three purposes: (1) to make clear to all concerned the inadequacy of a student’s performance; (2) to provide occasion for necessary counseling; and (3) to give students whose success is in doubt additional opportunity to demonstrate performance.

Academic suspension is imposed as a strong indication that the student incurring such suspension should withdraw from the University, at least for a time, to reconsider the appropriateness of a college career or to make necessary fundamental adjustments in attitudes toward the academic demands of college.

Stages of Progress with Minimum Grade Point Averages Required 

An individual’s stage of progress is determined on the basis of the number of academic semester hours attempted, including those transferred from other institutions. Transfer credits are not included in computing grade-point averages.

Semester Hours Attempted at VSU and Hours transferred to VSU

Cumulative grade-point average required on VSU courses

1-29 1.60
30-59 1.75
60-89 1.90
90-graduation 2.00

Academic Probation 

A student will be placed on academic probation if, at the end of any semester while the student is in good standing, the cumulative GPA falls below the minimum specified in the table above or the semester GPA falls below 2.00. Even though a student on probation is making some progress toward graduation, it should be clearly understood that without immediate academic improvement, suspension may result.

Academic Suspension and Academic Dismissal 

a. A student will be suspended if at the end of any term, while on academic probation, the cumulative GPA falls below the minimum specified in the table above, and the term GPA falls below 2.00. 

b. A first suspension will be for one semester. (See readmission procedures below.) 

c. A second suspension shall be for two academic semesters. 

d. A third or subsequent suspension shall result in the student being academically dismissed from the institution for a minimum period of three (3) years. 

e. Should another institution permit a student on suspension from Valdosta State University to enroll, work taken at that institution during any period of suspension shall not be counted as degree credit at Valdosta State University unless prior approval was obtained from the student’s Dean at Valdosta State University. 

f. Only fall and/or spring semesters count as “sit out” semesters.

For further information regarding academic status and readmission requirements, refer to the Academic Affairs section of the VSU Undergraduate Catalog.

Classification of Student



Freshman 0-29 hours
Sophomore 30-59 hours
Junior 60-89 hours
Senior 90 & above

Academic Load

Fifteen hours per semester is a typical schedule of work for undergraduate students; however, 12 or more semester hours constitute full-time enrollment for undergraduates.