B.A.S. in Human Capital Performance Online Bachelor Completion

**The B.A.S. degree in Technical Studies was renamed to a B.A.S. degree in Human Capital Performance. Additionally, a new 100% Online Bachelor Completion program is available for students from throughout the state of Georgia.

Valdosta State University offers the Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) degree in cooperation with two-year colleges in Georgia .

The Bachelor of Applied Science degree is a "four-year" college degree that combines academic courses with technical courses and professional courses. The purpose of the BAS degree is to prepare students to assume leadership positions within their technical field. Students complete the technical portion of their program with a Georgia two-year college and complete academic course requirements at VSU. All students must complete the equivalent of an Associate of Applied Science degree before earning the Bachelor of Applied Science degree.

The B.A.S. degree is offered with a major in Human Capital Performance. This major is designed to increase the students' understanding of the social, psychological, and managerial aspects of the work environment.

Note: This degree program is designed for students who complete the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree from partner Georgia technical colleges. Contact the technical colleges directly to find out about their A.A.S. degree offerings.

B.A.S. Degree Requirements

To earn the Bachelor of Applied Science degree at VSU, students must complete an A.A.S. degree program with a partnering two-year college and VSU. Students must also complete core curriculum courses and a group of major professional courses at VSU as part of the B.A.S. degree requirements.

Some A.A.S. programs at Georgia technical colleges may not have official articulation agreements with VSU. Graduates of these programs are also eligible to enter the B.A.S. degree program at VSU by program analysis and approval by ACED program faculty. 

Academic Course Requirements for the B.A.S. Degree

Note: The following courses are in addition to the A.A.S. degree requirements.

program of study picProgram of Study

         Course Rotation

University Core - 42 semester hours

Area A: Essential Skills . . . 9 hours

Area B: Institutional Options . . . 4 hours

Area C: Humanities/Fine Arts . . . 6 hours

Area D: Science, Math and Technology . . . 11 hours

Area E: Social Sciences . . . 12 hours
PSYC 2500 (Fundamentals of Psychology)

Area F: Courses Appropriate to the Major - 18 semester hours
Student is awarded 18 hours in Area F for completion of an approved technical college program which is one calendar year or longer in length.

Professional Course Requirements - 33 semester hours

ACED 2400 - Computer Technology for the Workplace . . . 3 hours

ACED 3400 - Applied Computer Technology . . . 3 hours

ACED 3800 - Multicultural Workforce Issues . . . 3 hours

ACED 4050 - Workforce Development & Management . . . 3 hours

ACED 4550 - Health & Safety in the Work Environment . . . 3 hours

ACED 4810 - Contemporary Skills for the Workplace . . . 3 hours

ACED 4820 - Project Management for Technical Professionals . . . 3 hours

ACED 4830 - Technology, Work & Performance . . . 3 hours

PSYC 3800 - Industrial/Organizational Psychology . . . 3 hours

ACED 3510 - Advanced Theory in ACED . . . 3 hours

ACED 3520 - Advanced Skills in ACED . . . 3 hours

Upper-level Guided Electives . . . 9 hours

Supporting Courses . . . 18 hours
Completion of an approved technical college applied associates degree or equivalent as evidenced by recognized industry granted certificates, credentials, licenses, military training and/or prior learning/technical work experience. Combined with Area F for a total of 36 hours credit.

Total Semester Hours of Credit Required for BAS-OBC Degree…..120 credits
(includes 36 semester hours of credit for approved technical college program of study)


For further information, please contact Dr. Keith Waugh at (ckwaugh@valdosta.edu) or 229.333.5650.