B.S.Ed. in Technical Leadership

**The B.S.Ed was founded by Dr. Charles Backes

A Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a major in Workforce Education and Development Technical Leadership is designed for individuals who are currently completing or who have already completed a state-wide or federally registered apprenticeship program and hold a Journey Worker classification.

The focus of this degree is to provide graduates with the skills necessary to position themselves as company leaders and strengthen their roles in the areas of workforce development, project managment, supervision, technical communication, and other advanced skills needed in today's professional world.

You may be eligible for reimbursement of tuition and fees through your employer. Contact your HR team to find out more!

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Program Breakdown:

Program: Bachelor of science in Education degree with a major in Workforce Education and Development-Technical Leadership

Credit Hours: 120 total - Students will also be eligible to receive the Associate of Arts degree upon completion of the university core (Areas A-F). Up to 42 semester hours may be earned upon completion of the apprenticeship and attainment of the journey worker credential.

Format: All coursework beyond the apprenticeship may be taken online with no additional out-of-state tuition fees.

Time to Completion: Completion time for this program is flexible due to the individual needs of working adults and the amount of transfer credits that may be brought into Valdosta State University from other accredited institutions.   

Program of Study 

University Core - 42 Semester Hours       

Area A: Essential Skills - 9 Hours

Area B: Institutional Options - 4 Hours

Area C: Humanities/Fine Arts - 6 Hours

Area D: Science, Math and Technology - 11 Hours

Area E: Social Sciences - 12 Hours

Area F: Courses appropriate to the major - 18 Hours

These courses include:

ACED 2050: Communications for the Workplace OR ACED 1100: Intro to Business - 3 Hours

ACED 2400: Computer Technology for the Workplace (or Exemption Exam) -  3 Hours

ACED 2800: Tech Org Leadership - 3 Hours

ACED 2900: Basic Theory in ACED - 3 Hours

ACED 2950: Basic Skills in ACED - 3 Hours

ACED 2960: Intermediate Skills in ACED - 3 Hours

Major Course Requirements  - 42 Hours

ENGL 3010 - Professional Writing - 3 Hours

ACED 3600 - History and Philosophy of ACED - 3 Hours

ACED 3800 - Multicultural Workforce Issues for Technical Leaders - 3 Hours

ACED 4050 - Workforce Development and Management for Technical Leaders - 3 Hours

ACED 3850 - Principles of Adult and Career Education - 3 Hours

ACED 4810 - Contemporary Skills for the Workplace - 3 Hours

ACED 4820 - Project Mgt. for Technical Leaders - 3 Hours

ACED 4830 - Technology, Work and Performance for Technical Leaders - 3 Hours

ACED 3510 - Advanced Theory in ACED - 3 Hours

ACED 3520 - Advanced Skills in ACED 3 Hours

ACED 4300 - Practicum in ACED - 3 Hours

ACED 4310 - Practicum in ACED - 3 Hours

ACED 4320 - Practicum in ACED - 3 Hours

Electives - 6 Hours

Supporting Courses - 18 Hours

Completion of an approved technical college applied associates degree or equivalent as evidenced by recognized industry granted certificates, credentials, licenses, military training and/or prior learning/technical work experience. Combined with Area F for a total of 36 credit hours. 

Total Semester Hours of Credit Required for a B.S. Ed. Degree - 120 Hours (Includes 36 semester hours of credit for approved technical college program of study)

For further information, please contact Dr. Diane Wright at (diwright@valdosta.edu) or 229.333.5614