International Business

In a world where global-connection and internationalization are the new reality, a degree in International Business prepares students to tackle the complexities of the new business environment. Whether preparing for a jet-setting career with an international company or dealing with the global nature of local business, students build the skills necessary to thrive by understanding cultural, legal, and logistical issues associated with different countries and, ultimately different peoples.

Students who pursue a B.B.A degree in International Business at the Langdale College of Business Administration receive a rigorous education that prepares them for careers in a global market.  The most popular jobs for international business majors include international finance management, international marketing manager, Foreign Service officer, and operations research analyst.

Academic Opportunities – Undergraduate

Academic Opportunities – Graduate
The Langdale College of Business offers several traditional and online MBA programs.  Select Langdale College of Business Graduate Programs for more information.

Study Abroad
Business students are encouraged to participate in the numerous study abroad opportunities offered at Valdosta State University, including programs to select European and Asian Pacific countries led by Langdale College of Business faculty.  Study abroad scholarships are available for business majors.  Select Langdale College of Business Study Abroad Programs for more information.

Opportunities for Involvement and Leadership
Select Langdale College of Business Student Organizations for information about all Langdale College of Business student organizations.

The Langdale College of Business awards over 65 scholarships to business majors each year.  Current students may apply through the Financial Aid link in their Banner account by submitting the VSU General Scholarship application.  The annual deadline is March 1st. New freshman should select business or a specific business major when applying to VSU. Select Langdale College of Business Scholarships for more information. 

Internships and Career Opportunities
The Langdale College of Business Career Strategies Center offers services for career development, internships and job search assistance.  Select Langdale College of Business Career Strategies Center for more information.

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