Concert Dress Statement

A performance serves as an event for students to share their music, to hone their performance skills, and to hear peers, music faculty, and guest artists. A performance dress code is implemented so that the enjoyment of the musical experience is not diminished by distractions of inappropriate attire. Students are advised that proper, modest, and dignified attire is required when performing in department of music events, including Wednesday morning student recitals and degree recitals.

Absolutely NO:

  • hats
  • flip-flops or sneakers
  • t-shirts
  • jeans or shorts
  • skirts above the knee
  • strapless or spaghetti-strap tops

Recommended attire for men: slacks, button-up collared shirt, dress shoes with socks. Tie and jacket also recommended.

Recommended attire for women: dress or skirt/slacks and top, modest heel. Dresses/skirts should be knee-length or below.

Any exception to this dress code must be approved by the student's applied professor or the ensemble director.

Consequences for failing to meet the dress code are at the discretion of the applied professor, and may include a lowered grade or the cancellation of the student's performance.