BFA Emergent Media and Communication

Skills  |  Careers

Our Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Emergent Media and Communication focuses on emergent media technologies, communication theories and processes, and mass media trends. The major will prepare you to be practitioners, entrepreneurs, and innovators in the digital, interactive, and evolving world of communication through carefully selected courses that balance theory and practice, creative design, and critical thinking in an interdisciplinary learning environment.

The program combines the ease of online education with the value of studio work.  By engaging in original work you are quickly Immersed in emergent technologies that will blend art, innovation, and technology into a highly competitive degree.  You will start coursework in your major program from your first term enrolled.  

Skills you will learn

As a major in the EMAC program you will:

  • Combine critical thinking with creative production to become engaged digital citizens.
  • Learn teamwork, problem-solving, planning and organization in virtual environments.
  • Develop skills in web design, digital aesthetics, writing and research, and social media.
  • Develop superior team, leadership, project, and meeting management skills.
  • Work with deadlines.
  • Learn to identify trends and utilize emerging media in designing communication messages to target audiences.
  • Learn to identify emerging technology trends.
  • Develop strategies for understanding emerging trends.
  • Identify how to use emerging media as value-added opportunities for organizations.                                     

Sample careers for EMAC Graduates 

Employment opportunities for EMAC graduates include:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Media Content Creator
  • Media Writer
  • Corporate Communications Manager
  • Publicity Manager
  • Social Media Analyst