Masters of Science Degree in Sociology

Accredited by The Commission on the Accreditation of Programs in Applied and Clinical Sociology

On behalf of Valdosta State University and the Masters Degree in Sociology faculty, I want to welcome you to the program. Since the beginning of the program in 1973, more than 450 graduates are practicing sociology and using their knowledge and skills to improve lives, communities, and society. The program is designed to prepare you to be a competent practitioner and scholar in applied and academic settings. Since 2005 the program has been accredited by The Commission on  the Accreditation of Programs in Applied and Clinical Sociology. I believe the training you will receive in the program to be of the highest quality. The faculty are skilled at “doing sociology” from their involvement in applied research projects across community development and change, clinical intervention, program evaluation, and assisting diverse, vulnerable groups. At the heart of the practice of sociology is its commitment to use the insights and methods of the discipline to solve problems and change lives. I welcome your questions and interest.

Program Goals:

  1. Competence in sociological research and evaluation.
  2. Competence in social theory.
  3. Competence as a sociological practitioner.
  4. Competence addressing issues related to multiculturalism and diversity.
  5. Mastery in an area of sociological practice.

Dr. Chet Ballard, Program Coordinator 
(229) 333-5491