Dr. Suzanne Slusser


Dr. Suzanne Slusser specializes in the study of cross-national gender inequality. Her dissertation, from the University of Akron, explored the impact of the political order and economic development factors on women’s empowerment. She also has research interests in the area of teaching and learning, has published on the effectiveness of group quizzes in Teaching Sociology, and is currently working on a project exploring how to effectively teach critical thinking skills. Other areas of research interests include the mass media and popular culture, particularly the presentation of violence and gender in film.

Dr. Slusser has taught a wide variety of courses, including gender, applied sociology, poverty and social welfare, the sociology of women in global society, political sociology, social problems, and introduction to sociology. Students in her classes are always encouraged to think beyond the classroom and to work with each other exploring local social issues. These hands-on experiences include: researching pay inequality, studying racial segregation on campus, surveying community members’ attitudes about public school consolidation, interviewing students about their school loan debt, and examining the availability of healthy food in poor Valdosta neighborhoods.

Outside the classroom, Professor Slusser has been involved in creating, a regularly-scheduled, Social Issues in Film Series that invites the campus community to discuss contemporary social issues through film. Additionally, she has previously worked with adjunct faculty to better their working conditions.

Her other interests include biking, wood working, historic building restoration, sewing, bread baking, permaculture, anti-capitalist self-sufficiency projects, and reading.