Minor in Native American Studies

The Native American Studies Minor at Valdosta State University is an academic program that provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Native American peoples and their cultures. Course offerings in several departments are designed to facilitate greater understanding of native peoples and their contributions to the global community. Core courses represent major divisions of learning within the university and will be taught by Native and non-Native faculty who specialize in these areas. This minor is designed for students from all ethnic and academic backgrounds, and will focus on both past and contemporary experiences of native peoples. More specifically, Indigenous theories will be examined in different contexts addressing subjects including oppression, resistance and persistence over time. 


Students may consult our checklist for guidance in course selection and registration.

Examples of Outcome Assessments:

Students will

  • Create of a writing portfolio to include a writing sample from every course taken in fulfillment of the NAS minor to be submitted to their NAS advisor for review. The advisor then meets with the student to discuss his/her progress in the program

  • Participate in NAS sponsored activities, events, and conferences

  • Demonstrate knowledge of current issues related to Native Americans

  • Evaluate and discuss career possibilities with all participating departments and disciplines for the NAS minor