African-American Studies

African American Studies, an academic discipline, offers an intellectual approach to the study of African people both nationally and globally. Thus, it seeks to provide historically accurate assessments of the roles and contributions of people of African descent to America and to human history. As as interdisciplinary program, this minor offers students the opportunity to communicate more effectively across cultural lines as well as to explore the social, political, and economic reality of the black experience in the United States. In addition, the minor encourages creative research, the acquisition of practical experiences, and the development of intellectual expertise in African American Studies.



The Department of Biology welcomes anyone interested in studying living organisms and its coexistence within our world. For undergraduates, the department offers two bachelors programs that will expand our students’ knowledge in cellular and molecular processes, evolution, ecosystems, and other topics that would become beneficial for the students pursuing graduate studies and post-graduate employment. Additionally, graduates could seek our masters program and apply their skills to contemporary issues in the biological field while pursuing an education .



Chemists study the property, composition and structure of elements and compounds and the interactions between matter and energy. Chemists problem solve and contribute to the greater good of society through research and discovery. Students in the Valdosta State University chemistry program develop critical thinking skills, learn to identify and outline problems, and become proficient problem solvers. Students are prepared for graduate work in chemistry and for employment in industry or government agencies.


Engineering Studies

The engineering studies program at Valdosta State University is a two-year program in which students complete work toward a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, then transfer to a college that offers a four-year degree program. The university participates in the Regents’ Engineering Transfer Program, a partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology, and many students transfer to Georgia Tech upon completion of their studies at Valdosta State.



The Department of English, located in West Hall 207, offers four programs of study that lead to a B. A. degree in English and two programs that lead to an M. A. degree in English. The department also offers minors in English, Journalism, Creative Writing, and Professional Writing. The programs in the English Department build on students' writing and communication skills to process complex ideas as effective and successful with others. The faculty also supports forums for creative, scholarly and pedagogical interests and advise students to gain invaluable writing experience by submitting their work to our campus press organizations like The Odradek, The Spectator, and On Tap.



The Department of History provides in-depth studies in past events, people, and eras. The discipline involves research, reading and writing, with an emphasis on interpreting and analyzing information. They history program at Valdosta State University is a good choice for students interested in the discipline who want to broaden their educational horizons and prepare for a number of careers or graduate school. Undergraduates offer a Bachelor of Arts in history and a minors program.


Mathematics and Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics & Computer Science enhances students' abilities in quantity, distance and space with the goal of problem solving, reasoning, and making connections and communicating. The department is proud to offer four Bachelor's degrees: Bachelor of Science degrees in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, and Computer Information Systems, and the Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics degree. Three computer labs are available for student use, including a Smart Lab with workstations connected to Linux, Solaris and Windows servers.


Modern and Classical Languages

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in French and Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Spanish. Students may elect to follow either the Language and Culture Track or the Foreign Language Education Track in either degree program. Additionally, the department offers minors in French, German, and Spanish, an online Certificate in Spanish for Professionals, an online Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), the Latin American Studies Certificate, and courses that satisfy the add-on ESOL endorsement for current and future P-12 teachers seeking certification in Georgia. Courses in five world languages, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish, are offered in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and focus on the acquisition of language skills and cultural knowledge that enable individuals to live or travel in a society where the language is spoken. Additionally, second language skills and cultural knowledge are advantageous to individuals who plan to pursue careers in business, health-related fields, social service and education agencies, law and law enforcement, science- or humanities-related fields in the other culture or their own.


Native American Studies

Discover and experience the wonderful aspects of being a Native American Indian and the values within the Native American culture, which continue to strive within United States and Canada. Not only does Native American studies increase students' understanding about the spiritual and social beliefs, modern issues, and historical significance of Native Americans; it also challenges students to critically and rationally respond to these topics. While this interdisciplinary program strengthens students' writing, interpretation, and knowledge about the subject, this field of study also addresses the global and regional problems the Native American tribes (Apache, Northern Paiute, Dakota Indians, etc.) face.


Philosophy & Religious Studies

Philosophy is the discipline of learning about different ways of life and gaining an appreciation for the richness of culture. The Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies offers a dual track B.A. degree in Philosophy & Religious Studies. We also offer minors in Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Ethics. Undergraduates and graduates enhance their critical and objective thinking, clear and effective writing skills, the ability to present a convincing case, organizational & analytical skills, and political awareness. Students could also participate in the Philosophy & Religious Studies Club. Dr. Lily Vuong, the faculty advisor, has weekly meetings and host many events throughout the academic year that occupies students in each semester, like their annual event called Our Senior Capstone Symposium every Spring Semester.


Physics, Astronomy, and Geosciences

The Department of Physics, Astronomy, and Geosciences offer both a majors and minors program in each field. Students could approach an understanding of Physics by studying space, time matter, energy, gravitation, the fundamental workings and make-up of our Universe. Astronomy enables students to use physics to study particular aspects of the Universe, such as stars, galaxies, planets, and cosmology. Environmental Geosciences majors learn about how to protect and preserve our most valuable resource, Planet Earth. This includes trying to understand how our Earth and its inhabitants have changed over long time periods.


Political Science

The Department of Political Science welcomes undergraduates and graduates interested in the systems of government, politics, political behavior and public policies. The department has two undergraduate degree programs: The Bachelor of the Arts in political science and the Bachelor of the Arts in legal assistant studies. Additionally, undergraduates may select a Minor in Political Science, Legal Assistant Studies, or Public Administration. On the graduate level, the department provides both a Master of Public Administration (MPA) and a Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) degree program.


Public Administration

Our MPA program is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA), and is designed to serve both pre-service and in-service students. The program prepares pre-service students for careers in public service or in the non-governmental organization sector, and provides in-service students with valuable training that will enhance their current careers or prepare them for a career change. 


Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice

The Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice focus on analyzing the daily activities and social conventions produced in cultures. Sociology is a social science that involves the study of human society. Anthropology focuses on humans and their immediate ancestors. Criminal Justice focuses on criminal laws on the federal, state and local level and how they relate to the Constitution of the United States. Undergraduates could select from the available Bachelor of Arts degrees and pursue our Masters program.


Women's and Gender Studies

VSU's Women’s and Gender Studies program is an interdisciplinary field of scholarship devoted to the study of women and gender as a social construction, one that intersects with class, race, age, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, and sexual identity. Our faculty and students are both scholars and feminist activists, pursuing intellectual work and achievement with a vision of social justice. In WGST, we explore the connections between academic inquiry and personal life, therefore, students have a unique opportunity to participate in process-oriented classrooms, where they are expected to be active participants in their own learning.