The VSU Chemistry Department guides you as you develop your future plans for success. What type of summer internship interests you? How do you prepare for a career or graduate school? What are your professional goals? We match each Chemistry major with a faculty mentor on your first day at VSU. Your chemistry faculty mentor will support you throughout your college career because your mentor is dedicated to your success both at VSU and beyond.

If you need to contact your faculty mentor, you can find their email and phone number on our faculty directory, or contact Ms. Jolane Sullivan (229-333-5798) in the Chemistry main office (3025 Bailey Science Center). 

VSU also provides professional Academic Advising to help with your registration, scheduling classes, and degree completion through our college Advising CenterYou can contact Ms. Lisa Flournoy, your academic advisor, at any time by email or phone (229-245-4378) for answers to your questions. 

The College of Science and Math provides a peer support group, GUIDES. The GUIDES peer mentoring program seeks to encourage the success of science and math students by building relationships and helping students to connect to resources, develop study and life skills, and to successfully navigate college in a positive, supportive way. Visit GUIDES for more information.


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