Logo Guidelines

Improper Use

The VSU Logo must not be altered in any way.

  • DO NOT place the logo in a containing shape that floats on a page or within a plain area.
  • DO NOT place the logo on a background color with insufficient contrast.
  • DO NOT place the logo on a background with a texture or image that may obscure the logo.
  • DO NOT stretch, condense, skew or tilt the logo. Resize proportionately.
  • DO NOT use the logo smaller than 3/4 inch tall.
  • DO NOT combine the logo with any other VSU mark or non-VSU logo.

Logo & Control Area

To achieve maximum readability and visual impact, the logo must be surrounded by an appropriate amount of clear space or control area. No graphics or copy are permitted in this area. The control area should be a minimum of the x-height on all sides. The exact dimension of the control area will vary depending upon the size of the logo you are using. You may use a larger control area than specified, but never smaller.

Minimum Size For Use


Determining & Applying Control Area


To Request a Logo

Please complete and submit the following Logo Request Form.