Visual Identity Policy

Visual Identity Policy

Purpose: The use of any VSU logo, symbol or wordmark must be approved by Creative Services. 

This policy applies to all printed materials, such as business cards, stationery, and other university publications, as well as signs, video productions, exhibit materials, web sites, e-mail, social media, electronic messages, and all other types of communications. 

All design work requested by any campus office must be submitted to Creative Services for approval and the right of first refusal. All campus printing must be submitted to Printing & Copying Services for the right of first refusal. These conditions must be met regardless of funding source.

Creative Services maintains all visual identity standards for Valdosta State University.

Identifying Valdosta State University

The university’s identity marks are designed to distinguish the university from all other institutions of higher education, to help us achieve instantaneous, favorable recognition. The benefits to the university of such an identity are obvious — our institutional name, our identity, our “brand name” becomes associated with quality and value.

The benefits of such recognition do not stop with the overall university, and neither does the necessity for protecting that identity. The individual departments, programs and offices of the university all share in, and contribute to, the identity the university has.