Visual Identity Guide

A distinctive visual identity program is critical for Valdosta State University to maintain a clear, consistent image before its various constituencies. This Visual Identity Program (VIP) Guide is designed to assist everyone in proper use of the institution’s identity marks. 

All Valdosta State University identity marks are the property of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. Federal trademark law requires that the use of any trademark be monitored in order to maintain legal claim to that mark. Board of Regents policy requires that individual institutions such as VSU assume oversight of their own marks. 

The rules outlined in this publication are necessary to protect and oversee those identity marks. These visual identity rules apply to anyone who might use a Valdosta State identity mark: all colleges, schools, divisions, offices, faculty, staff, students, alumni groups, local businesses, nonprofit organizations, fraternities, sororities, printers, and all other outside vendors. The Office of Communications & Marketing (OCM) is charged with monitoring visual identity issues (including logo usage) and guiding all campus units in proper implementation. If you have any questions regarding visual identity, contact Communications & Marketing (OCM) at (229) 333-5980 for assistance. Any questions of usage or style unaddressed by this Visual Identity Program Guide are subject to review and approval by Communications & Marketing (OCM). Thank you for your assistance.

Complete Guide - Pages 1-28 PDF