The Africana Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary minor supported by several departments at Valdosta State University.  The minor encourages the development of rigorous inquiry, agency, and resilience, in preparation for the 21st century world.  Student learning outcomes include

1) Recognizing key figures, concepts, and theories in the intellectual origins of Africana Studies

2) Describing experiences of people in the African Diaspora ranging from Africa to the Caribbean to the Americas and beyond

3) Engaging in experiential learning projects that reflect the values of collective work, responsibility and self-determination

4) Analyzing traditions of thought in relation to the cultural, historical, political, and social context of African-descended people

5) Synthesizing qualitative and quantitative data with a focus on the impact of race, gender, and class on African-descended people

The program of study is below:

AFAM 3000 Introduction to Africana Studies 3 hrs
AFAM 4700 Africana Studies Seminar 3 hrs

AFAM Elective Hours (Limit 2 AFAM 3600 courses)

12 hrs
Total Hours   18 hrs


AFAM Declaration of Minor Form

Africana Studies Catalog Course Description

Africana Studies Minor Checklist