The certificate program in Africana Studies is designed to increase knowledge of experiences of people of African descent in the United States and across the globe.  It provides an opportunity to gain credentials in the field and serves to enhance cultural competency for working professionals and undergraduate students.   Four courses, from the array of permanent courses in Africana Studies (including Introduction to Africana Studies), are required for completion of the certificate and are offered both online and on campus.


  • For individuals who are not currently enrolled at Valdosta State University, visit the Admissions Page  to enroll as a non degree seeking student and fill out the Certificate Form so we can track your progress towards the certificate.


  • For currently enrolled students at Valdosta State University, fill out the Certificate Form to so we can track your progress towards the certificate.


The program of study is below:

AFAM 3000 Introduction to Africana Studies 3 hrs

AFAM Hours 

9 hrs
Total Hours   12 hrs


AFAM 3000 Introduction to Africana Studies
AFAM 3030 African to African American Philosophy and Religious Studies
AFAM 3090 Inequalities Past and Present
AFAM 3220 African American Literature
AFAM 3225 Introduction to African American Literary Criticism
AFAM 3280 African American Politics
AFAM 3320 African Literature
AFAM 4231 African American History to 1865
AFAM 4232 African American History Since 1865
AFAM 4233 African American Cultural History
AFAM 4234 African American Intellectual History
AFAM 4330 African Politics
AFAM 4550 The Caribbean World
AFAM 4551 Women in the African Diaspora
AFAM 4552 Contemporary Black Man
AFAM 4700 Africana Studies Seminar