Applying for FWS

1. The first step is applying for FWS is to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You must select “Yes” to the following question on the FAFSA: “Are you interested in being considered for Work Study?”

2. FWS eligibility is based on established financial need. As a general rule you must be Pell Grant Eligible and have an unmet need.

3. The next step is to go to this website and apply for Work Study Positions. The jobs are located under Work Study Openings. FWS jobs are located on and off campus and work schedules are flexible with your class schedule. It is very important to note job locations.

4. Once you apply for a position and provide necessary documentation, you may be contacted by a supervisor. After the selection for an interview, you must contact the FWS office to complete a background check form. Once the background check is completed and you are selected for hire, you will complete the application process in the FWS office. Please bring the following to the FWS office: a) copy of Student ID, b) copy of Social Security Card or Birth Certificate and Voided Check or print out from bank that has a routing and account number. You must contact the FWS Coordinator, Leroy Trower, and

5. After the application process is completed, you will receive an email from the Student Employment office informing you of the start date.

6. FWS employees may begin working as soon as their employing department receives a FWS Referral & Authorization form from the FWS office. This is the form that lists the amount (per semester) that the recipient is to earn. This form must be completed prior to beginning your FWS position.

Complete the FAFSA link Eligibility Determined Link Apply Online Image Applicant Contacted Image Job Interview Image Finaid appountment image Start date image