Semester Checklist Agreement

The terms and conditions on this page present an agreement between the veteran and the Valdosta State University Office of Veterans Affairs. This virtual form must be completed in lieu of a signature. If you, the veteran, do not understand or agree to these conditions, then you should not go any further and instead, visit our office in the University Center and discuss the problem or misunderstanding in person. Please read each statement carefully and then check the box on the left to signify that you understand and agree to the condition presented.

You will not be permitted to proceed to the online checklist without agreeing to all of these terms.

I understand that I must enroll in courses that apply toward degree requirements of my major.  Physical Education courses will not be considered for certification unless my advisor agrees and signs the proper documentation provided by the Veterans Affairs Office.  I also understand that if I am enrolled in courses not applicable to my degree program, my benefits shall be adjusted accordingly.

I understand that I must notify the Veterans Affairs Office of any change in my enrollment status (i.e. adding classes, dropping classes, withdrawal or transfer).

I understand that I must immediately notify the Veterans Affairs Office of changes to any of the following:

  • Program of Study (i.e. Your degree program)
  • Your mailing address.
  • The semester you plan to graduate.
  • Any academic problems you may be experiencing.
  • Any changes to your academic schedule.