Scholarship Information Sheet

Scholarships require research on the students part.  Now is the time to search for scholarships in order to avoid deadlines.  There are several opportunities to explore.  Be aware that colleges, governmental agencies, large corporations, hometown churches, clubs, professional organizations, civic groups, fraternities/sororities and so forth, sometimes offer scholarships. 

Students currently enrolled at VSU will find books containing information on available scholarships in the Odum Library and in the Office of Financial Aid.  High school seniors may want to check local high school libraries, high school guidance offices, community leaders, your local chamber of commerce, college and university libraries, as well as local libraries and offices of student financial aid.  Students should also check with the academic department in which they are enrolled. 

No student has an excuse not to search for scholarships.  Many scholarships are awarded to students having the most competitive scholastic record and college admissions test scores.  Some are based on academic merit, major, extra curricular activities, and some are based on financial need.  Regardless of your family's income or your potential eligibility for a scholarship, complete all financial aid applications required by the colleges where you are applying.  And apply early. 

Gather pertinent certificates, letters of commendation, and other evidence of awards that may help document your eligibility for various scholarships.  In addition, ask teachers, ministers, and other professionals to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf.  Applications should be neatly written or typed.  When essays are required, be sure they are free of errors.  Ask several people to proof read and critique your essay.  Maintain copies of submitted scholarship, admission, and financial aid applications.  If timely responses are not received from agencies or institutions, contact them to confirm receipt and status of your applications. 

We recommend that you not pay anyone to find scholarships for you.  Scholarship search companies generally provide information you can obtain on your own with a few hours research.  Contrary to most advertisements, there are not billions of dollars in unused scholarships each year.  And, if you are guaranteed a scholarship or a refund of your money, be sure to read the fine print. 

An informative source of information can be found in The Scholarship Book by Daniel J. Cassidy.  This book offers a complete guide to private-sector scholarships, grants and loans for undergraduate students.  All students are welcomed to come by the VSU Office of Financial Aid and use our copy.  Or it can be purchased at a local bookstore. 

VSU offers a General Scholarship Application which is available upon request from the Office of Financial Aid.  Students are considered for scholarships administered by VSU. Applications are available in January, deadline is March 1st.  Scholarships are awarded for the following academic year.  To obtain a VSU General Scholarship Application, call the VSU Office of Financial Aid at (229) 333-5935. 

Information on scholarships is also available on the World Wide Web on the VSU Office of Financial Aid Web Page a or the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators Web Page for students and parents. 

Other Internet addresses to explore: