Division Mission & Strategic Plan

Divisional Mission Statement

The Division of Student Affairs' mission is to promote student development and leadership by providing quality programs and services that fulfill the diverse educational, recreational, social, and multicultural needs of the student population and the university community.

Seven Values for Student Learning

  1. Campus climate and community – We value, partnerships with those inside and outside the University as a means to advance learning, achieve shared goals, and build a stronger sense of community.
  2. Student success & transitions – We value, the personal and professional success of every student, promote student learning and, believe in keeping students and their success at the forefront of our decision-making process.
  3. Personal responsibility and ethical reasoning – We value, inspiring students to utilize the skills and knowledge they are learning for more than their own personal gain. Promoting critical thinking through educational programming and collaborations that encourages self-awareness and understanding of others.
  4. Intrapersonal & interpersonal development – We value, the integration of academic learning and student development to encourage the simultaneous progression of cognitive understanding and a sense of personal maturity and interpersonal effectiveness.
  5. Diversity and global engagement – We value, the history, traditions, and culture of all members of the university community; promote cultural competency and a supportive environment; and celebrate the unique contributions, similarities, and differences of all individuals in our efforts to support all students.
  6. Professional staff development and training – We value, forward-thinking, professional development and training that challenges ourselves as professionals in order to implement the best programs and services to foster student learning and further our professional expertise.
  7. Services - Facilities, technology, and infrastructure – We value, continuous improvement of our programs and services and strive to achieve excellence in every service interaction through innovative technology, modern facilities, and accessible services that promote a safe and dynamic learning environment.

VSU Student Affairs Strategic Plan

This document outlines a plan for the Division of Student Affairs for 2013-2019, which aligns with the vision and mission of Valdosta State University.  The division’s plan is focused on creating an out-of-class experience that enhances student learning and engagement, mentors and supports student success, promotes diversity and inclusivity for our campus and beyond. We will accomplish this with a spirit of collaboration among the broader university community, campus partners, and within the student affairs division. In addition, this plan includes strategies to identify and maximize administrative efficiencies so that the division can continue to be a good steward of university resources.

The vision of the Division of Student Affairs is to ensure that our students graduate from Valdosta State University with a degree that facilitates the pursuit of their professional careers and future aspirations, with a marked sense of civility, unwavering integrity, a passion for practicing active citizenship, and with a life-long curiosity for learning.  This vision is fully articulated in our Principles for Student Learning.

VSU Student Affairs Strategic Plan 2013-2019