QEP Phase Two


Phase Two: Researching, Developing, and Planning for Implementation of VSU's Quality Enhancement Plan

Once the topic of VSU’s QEP—Undergraduate Engagement in Discipline-Based Inquiry—had been selected by the SACS Leadership Team, the Phase Two Task Force was created and given its charge by the President and Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs in December 2008.

1. Focusing/Refining the Topic:  Spring Semester 2009

  • The Phase Two Task Force, with student members and faculty and staff representation from all undergraduate colleges and all divisions, held a retreat in January 2009 to discuss current campus efforts in undergraduate research and how the proposed QEP would align with VSU’s mission and strategic plan.
  • The Task Force investigated best practices as well as programs in undergraduate research at other institutions; further, the Task Force examined QEPs from other institutions that focused on a similar topic.  
  • The Task Force endorsed the term “undergraduate engagement in discipline-based inquiry” rather than “undergraduate research” to encourage participation from all colleges and disciplines.
  • In August 2009, the Phase Two Task Force met with Dr. Rudy Jackson, VSU’s SACS Vice President, to present its ideas.  As a result of the meeting, the Task Force was able to focus and structure the proposed QEP on a limited number of discipline-based inquiry projects from across the university.

2. Researching/Writing the Prospectus and the Call for Proposals:  Fall Semester 2009

  • With help from the Office of Strategic Research and Analysis (SRA), the Phase Two Task Force developed and issued a campus-wide Call for Proposals for Discipline-Based Inquiry Projects.
  • Members of the Task Force held 6 informational workshops to encourage faculty participation and interest in submitting proposals.
  • The Task Force analyzed the 24 proposals received and selected nine to forward to the Provost and VPAA for consideration.  Six projects were selected to implement.  A request for funding was sent to the Planning and Budget Council.
  • Once the projects were selected, the Task Force divided into 5 subcommittees to draft the key portions of the QEP prospectus:
    • Literature review and best practices
    • Student learning outcomes/program goals, Implementation, and Timeline
    • Assessment measures
    • Organizational structure and resources
    • Marketing and outreach

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