QEP Phase Two Task Force Representatives

Faculty and Staff

James LaPlant, (Chair) Associate Dean - College of Arts & Sciences

Kristina Cragg, SACS Liaison and Assistant to the President for Strategic Research & Analysis (Ex Officio)

Deborah Davis, Archives - Odum Library

Jan Fackler, Director of Budget Services - Financial Services

Barbara Gray, Director - Sponsored Programs and Research Administration

Karla Hull, Interim Dean - Graduate School

Karen Jacobsen, English - College of Arts & Sciences

Maura Schlairet, Assistant Professor - College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Jane Kinney, Director - Accreditation Compliance (Ex Officio)

Tom Manning, Chemistry - College of Arts & Sciences

David Monetti, Psychology & Counseling - College of Education

Ivan Nikolov, Director - International Programs

Matthew Richard, Anthropology - College of Arts & Sciences

Sonya Sanderson, Kinesiology & Physical Education - College of Education

Mike Savoie, Communications - College of Arts (Ex Officio)

Mike Schmidt, Art - College of Arts

Kimberly Tanner, Director - Access Office

John Trombetta, Director - Alumni Relations

Attila Cseh, Marketing & Economics - College of Business

Student Members

Jeramy Baum, College of Arts & Sciences

Regan Morgan, College of Arts

Lani Hollingsworth, Honors Program

Timothey Malone, Honors Program

Rachel Wayne, Honors Program

Matthew Schmidt, Honors Program