QEP Phase One


QEP Phase ONE: Soliciting Input and Ideas from the VSU Community

The Phase One Task Force was given the following tasks:

1. Developing the means of initially publicizing the QEP to the university community and of soliciting suggestions for VSU's QEP.

The QEP Task Force discussed several approaches to soliciting input and how to inform the VSU community. In addition to general forums outlining the objectives of phase one, constituent groups were targeted. These groups included the Faculty Senate, COSA, SGA, and the General Faculty. There were many suggestions with regard to having broad inclusion and the use of mediated communication such as web and print. Much of the time dedicated to phase one involved soliciting input and informing the VSU community about the process.

2. Developing a proposal form for suggestions.

The QEP proposal form was developed with regard to SACS guidelines for the QEP and examples from institutional plans recently implemented. The Task Force also administered a survey to the VSU community to identify areas of need in assessing suggestions for VSU’s QEP. The initial proposal form was simple in design specifically to target broad inclusion and numerous submissions.

3. Setting timelines for collection and selection processes.

The QEP Task Force was given a semester--Spring 2008--in which to complete their tasks. Initial meetings established forums and information meetings on the QEP overview. Concurrently, a proposal form was developed and disseminated to the VSU community. As ideas were submitted, a needs assessment survey was administered (available online and administered to students through several capstone and gateway courses) and the information was compiled. The survey and the proposal form were also distributed to the community as an insert in the VSU student newspaper, The Spectator. The final charge of phase one involved the selection of several viable plans to be forwarded to the next phase of the QEP process.

4. Narrowing down the number of suggestions received to approximately 5 ideas.

With data from the needs assessment survey and the development of a topic breakdown form, each Task Force member was charged with creating a list of ten viable ideas. The ten ideas were then reviewed for logistical and financial feasibility as well as for how well each addressed the needs of the VSU. The final four ideas were selected based on the criteria established by SACS and the Task Force’s topic breakdown form. These four ideas were then developed into formalized proposals.

5. Requesting more developed proposals for the topics, examining feasibility, best practices, student learning outcomes and means of assessment, and costs.

The four topics selected by the Phase One Task Force were developed into prospectuses in May 2008 for presentation to the SACS Leadership team. They were available to the VSU community for review and comments. They were also presented to the VSU community at various forums in early fall 2008 to invite comment and participation.


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