Planning at VSU

Planning is a process of identifying, recording, and tracking the progression of our organizational goals. To do this, we utilize several planning components at Valdosta State University. These components are united with our campus community through the University Council and Strategic Planning Subcommittee, which serve as campus information conduits and advisory groups to the President. University Council is part of our progression towards a year-round planning process that embraces creativity and collaboration.

Our Strategic Plan is the overarching document that captures what we hope to accomplish from a broad perspective. The Master Plan is the document approved by the Board of Regents which outlines our projected campus needs in terms of our physical and functional relationships. The Budget Plan is approved by Board of Regents for a given fiscal year and includes additional Initiative requests supported by strategic funds as approved through the Budget Advisory Council (BAC). The Facilities Plan is managed by our Facilities Planning Advisory group. This group is responsible for managing the work flow of our physical growth; including requests for renovations and space usage changes, as well as implementation Master Plan construction projects. The External Plan refers to the work of the Division of University Advancement, which coordinates alumni outreach, fundraising, and the University Foundation. Each of these components plays a crucial part in our overall planning effort at VSU.

The President of Valdosta State University leads all planning efforts through a continuous, integrated process involving many stakeholders. This website provides our campus and community access to important university planning resources such as our Strategic Plan, Facilities Master Plan, and Complete College Georgia Plan.

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